Networking Support

Our networking support staff is filled with IT technicians that are highly certified and have tons of experience. They are more than capable of resolving any and all issues that are related to the network and the computer. It is best suggested to keep any errors or issues at minimum you should keep the network downtime and the IT expenditures to as low as possible. The network support is more commonly used in both smaller sized businesses and medium sized businesses that are all throughout the GTA. All of the services offered are valued at rates that are very reasonable.

Network Repair

Network repair is a very complicated job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge with all kinds of computer related issues. All of the staff is certified and well-versed in these fields. Some technical aspects of network repair include being able to properly complete the process of troubleshooting the network and computer. The ability to repair and service software and hardware on the computer and or network; these issues are what causes network problems and to avoid getting the network repaired you need to keep your system healthy and up to date. A regular diagnostic check and cleanout is recommended for you to do as well at least once a week.

Network Cabling

Those who are a part of our team and are educated with network cabling can easily tell you all of the different kinds of cables that there are and what they are all normally used for. Typically a cable is also known as a medium that allows the information to move from one network to another network. More often than not a setup like this is done with a LAN. A LANs is a network of computers that are linked with other devices that are all within a certain building or within a certain set of buildings; ideal for businesses and our support.


CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and it is a TV system that monitors signals instead of distributing them. A system such as this is mainly used for surveillance and other high tech security reasons. All in all a system such as this relies heavily on certain placement of the cameras and the observation of these cameras done so privately from the monitors. Ask our experts for their professional help to get everything installed correctly, setup properly and running accurately. Learn how to use everything with ease and in little to no time at all. The entire staff is highly trained and certified with tons of experience that makes them the best to turn to for help.

Coaxial Cable Installation

The installation of a coaxial cable is the coax cable being layered by an outer metal shield of sorts and then wrapped in a jacket that helps with the insulation. There are also connectors that are normally grounded at either end to help with the signals as well as a place for the signals that are causing interference to go to and dissipate. All of our technicians are experienced in this field and can help with every single step; they know exactly what to do and can help you resolve it in little to no time. Contact them with a question, comment or concern.

Ethernet Cabling & Data/Voice Cabling

Our expert IT consultants can help you with your entire network cabling needs from telling you what network cabling is to helping you install it; repair it and so much more. All of your questions will be answered by our highly trained and certified professional consultants and you can relax knowing that they are there for you whenever needed. They can help you mainly figure out whether you will need further assistance with phone support or remote support and everything else. We are well known for providing services that are completely tailored to your needs based on your requirements and needs.

Data/Voice cabling is cables that deal with the audio and video aspects of the signals being both transmitted and received. Such as the radio signal being broadcasted from one location and it being received all over through the radios and stereos. It is also commonly referred to as structured cabling and we have plenty of experts who are highly educated on this topic in which can help you with whatever you may need. This can include installing them, designing them, comparing and contrasting them and so much more. The choices and the combinations are endless, they are all up to you and our IT consultants can guide you in the right direction for everything.