Managed Information technology services

Managed Information technology services


Business VoIP Services

Managed Information technology services example: Business VoIP Services can be hard to come by, at least ones that are reliable; with us you can rely on us 24/7. Our staff are all experienced and highly trained; they are more than able to assist you with all of your Business VoIP Service’s needs. To be exact Business VoIP services are more of a commercial level version of what the residential services is for smaller sized or medium sized businesses. The services include on hold music, automated people, desk to desk calling, conference calling and much more. Using this service is very helpful for your business and we like to help keep it that way.

Server Management

Server management is made up of server managers that are a part of an expansion form the Microsoft management console, otherwise known as the MMC. It allows you to manage and view virtually all of the tools and information that affect the productivity of your very own server. Managing all of the aspects of your server can be hard, time consuming and confusing but our expert IT consultants are here to help you out with each and every single step that there is. Learn how to better manage everything so your system can always be running at its best and so much more.

Ethernet Cabling & Data/Voice Cabling

Teleconferencing is having a conference of sorts through the use of a teleconference system; it is a telephone meeting of sorts where two people or more can be involved if the proper technology is being used. It can be something complicated or something simple such as an audio conference where both ends are simply just sharing a speaker phone. Being able to be a master at this service can help you be a boss at being the leader of your business. It is one of the many Managed IT services that our experts can help you with 24/7. They are highly trained and certified with years of experience, so they know exactly what they are doing.

Local and Cloud Backup

Local backup is the old version and cloud backup is the new version however both kinds are still commonly used and honestly both are suggested to be used for an even further amount of protection. Being more specific local backup is just like simply backing up your computer’s’ hard drive and all of the information to another storage device such as an usb drive, another hard drive, or a zip drive. Cloud backup is where all of your photos and other important aspects get automatically saved onto a database saved in the world wide web and can be accessed online through your account; you can choose what all gets saved and how often it saves everything.


When it comes to computer and network systems, virtualization is the creation of a virtual form of something. This includes but is not limited to an actual computer hardware virtual platform, a storage device, the entire operating system, the computer network resources and more. This is one Management IT service that comes in handy with a highly successful business. Our experts on staff are available 24/7 and always know how to help, what to do and what to say. They have tons of experience and are highly certified as well as trained. Support is just around the corner, seek it and you shall find it.