How to Uninstall Windows 10s Built-in Apps and How to Reinstall Them

Click on pointer icon with a green plus button in the pack preview area and it will highlight in blue. In the main area select any image from our collection that you want to use as a pointer. Click on a chosen image for pointer and it will display as a pointer in the pack preview section. To remove an individual cursor pack, once you on manage page, you need to press “MANAGE” button of the collection you want to edit. The pop-up window will appear with list of cursor packs from that collection, just press “DELETE” next to the name of the cursor pack you wish to remove. With AirPlay integration, you can wirelessly connect Apple devices to the Smart Monitor and view on a bigger screen.

  • How do I take a screenshot on my laptop in Windows 10?
  • If you only have one partition for a Drive # listed that you wanted to install Windows on, then select the disk # and click on the Delete option if not grayed out to make it unallocated space.
  • As with uninstallations, some programs will require confirmation of each step and others will do it for you.
  • SystemUI then displays the status on both devices through a chip on top of the status bar.

For Windows laptops with no PrtScn key, press Fn, the ⊞ key and Space Bar to take a screenshot. By default, Windows puts screenshot files in a directory called Screenshots, located in your Pictures folder. Although it was built into Windows as a feature to screenshot and record video games, it works just as well for capturing movies, websites, or the content of any other program. Press the “Windows” and “G” keys together, and the game bar should come up as an overlay on whatever you’re doing.

Method 2: Alt + Prt Sc (print screen button) screen capture

Release the cursor when you are sure that you have covered the area that you need. Screenshot for the gamers with the Game barIn the Windows 10 Creators Update, a nifty feature called Game Bar has been introduced especially for gamers. Paste your screenshot in Paint and edit or save it according to your requirements. Open the window that you want to capture and press the ‘Alt’ key and the ‘PrtScn’ simultaneously. There are many simple ways for you to get a Windows 10 screen capture, and we have provided solutions for every possible scenario you may encounter. Rarely do i require a straight screenshot, so im more than happy to continue using my favorite, Fscapsure.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a usable USB, you can virtually mount the ISO using a tool like DAEMON Tools Lite. Windows 10 should install without a hitch, but driver problems are a possibility and, during any system update, there’s always a chance something will go wrong. Once you complete the steps, the clean installation process will begin, like using the Media Creation Tools or USB flash drive to upgrade the system.

Microsoft releases a redesigned Camera app for Insiders, and adds CD Ripping to Media Player

If you’ve been using Windows operating systems for a while, then you are likely familiar with the traditional way of uninstalling a program. You open the Control Panel, go to the Add/Remove Programs menu, then you Click to visit click on an app and you uninstall it. After that, go to the lefthand menu and click “Turn Windows features on or off”. This pops up a box where you can add features that you might want – an FTP Server, a Telnet client, the Linux subsystem – and remove ones you don’t. Windows Media Player and IE11 appear here, though I recommend keeping both. Run the Settings app, click the Cortana icon, and work through all the options.

Once you’re done, click on “Save” to save the screenshot. To take a screenshot on an Asus laptop, you can follow the steps in this video tutorial. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you can edit it with the key combinations and save it. A popup window will ask you to name the screenshot, which you should enter and click Save. While it might seem complicated, it’s not hard to learn how to screenshot on an Asus laptop. If you have an Asus laptop and want to take a screenshot, you need to know how to do so.

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