About us

Canadacom is your #1 stop shop for Network repair, IT support, IT consulting, Cloud, Data Backups, Managed IT Services and much more. We have managed to build and maintain a solid reputation for years based on many things the most notable being our dedication to offering unmatched IT services. Our IT services are unbeatable in terms of quality, reliability and technological advancement/standards.

Canadacom also stands out for having the best IT professionals in the industry. Our staff are highly trained, skilled and experienced in every IT sector you can think off. We have experts in CSS, HTML, JQUERY, SISCO, JUPITER, CLOUD COMPUTING and much more, you name it!
We also have the best support staff in the industry. We boast of having over 20 specialists in our onsite and offsite desktop/servers support teams. You are therefore assured of uninterrupted services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What we do

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    Managed Information technology services

    Managed Information technology services   Business VoIP Services Managed Information technology services example: Business VoIP Services can be hard to come by, at least ones that are reliable; with us you can rely on us 24/7. Our staff are all experienced and highly trained; they are more than able to assist you with all of […]

  • cloud networking

    Cloud Services

    Hosted Cloud Servers A hosted cloud server is a cloud server that is hosting; it is a service that is offered to customers through several servers that are all connected together. All of these servers that are connected together are known as the cloud. This is something that is completely different from what is known […]

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    IT Support

    Information Support     On-Site Desktop Support Information Support specialists (More than 250 certified) are a part of the on-site desktop support team in which is well known for being available at any time, day or night. They make sure that all of your systems are always up and running so nothing ever goes wrong. If you […]

  • networking cable


    Networking Support Our networking support staff is filled with IT technicians that are highly certified and have tons of experience. They are more than capable of resolving any and all issues that are related to the network and the computer. It is best suggested to keep any errors or issues at minimum you should keep […]